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    You're probably wondering "How does it work and how to get the Smite Gems?". Well, we're not going to tell you "how does it work", but we're surely going to tell you "how to get your Smite Gems" for free! Just follow our instructions and you will get one!

    To get your Smite Gems with digital delivery, you will need to pass our protection first.

    This protection, has been made to pay server costs and to protect our website from "mass-claims" of Smite Gems codes.

    The protection is as follow:

    Firstly, you'll click on "Proceed" button below and then you'll recieve "1st pop-up window". You must agree with our conditions, otherwise you wont be able to proceed. Secondly, you'll arrive on "2nd pop-up" with some offers. You may complete up to three offers per 24 hours!

    Do not try to do more than three offers, otherwise your "IP Address will be permanently blacklisted" from visiting our website, ever again.